User privacy? It's all about the business model

There is no such thing as free lunch. Even when you actually do get lunch for free, it really is not free. Say your employer treats »

My Apple tech refresh cycles vs the rest

Had an interesting discussion with my friend today. To cut a long story short, he was having the urge to upgrade his Samsung Galaxy Note 2 »

Wearable tech. It's gotta be fashionable.

I have a Pebble. I do wear it as often as I can. I like getting notifications on my wrist and being able to check my »

Speculative Reporting

You just gotta love all this doom reports. Here's a new one from none other than the WSJ. Apple Cuts iPhone 5C Orders Update: Looks like »

What does GitHub have to do with Healthcare?

Now this is pretty interesting stuff. Just read up on the tech behind and got to know that it's powered by just Jekyll and »

A 'Ghost'-ly start

Alright. I'm really loving this. Ghost blog is pretty awesome. »